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Just a dad and son in star wars mandalorian armor

About Me

Hey there! I'm just an average guy who happens to have a passion for all things nerdy. My name is Jason, and I lead a double life: by day, I'm a dedicated father, and by night, I transform into a huge Star Wars nerd, toy enthusiast and other nerd-like things.

Being a father is my most cherished role. Balancing my nerdy hobbies with the responsibilities of parenthood can be challenging, but it's incredibly rewarding! I'm determined to raise my son to appreciate and embrace his own unique quirks and passions, just as I have. Whether it's introducing him to the wonders of the "nerd world" or encouraging his creative mind, I strive to nurture the imagination and help him grow into a confident, curious individual!

So, if you ever find us at a convention, wielding a lightsaber or wearing cool costumes, don't hesitate to say hello! I'm just a nerdy dad, happily immersed in the world of toys, Star Wars, the beautiful journey of fatherhood and everything in between!

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